If the tooth and root have been damaged, a dental implant may be needed in combination with a ceramic crown as a permanent replacement.  If this procedure is needed, our dentists will often use a one-piece implant.  A one-piece implant contains all the components (implant and ceramic crown) and is installed as a single unit.  This offers an immediate, full-functioning tooth with shorter treatment time and minimized pain.  This implant provides not only an aesthetically pleasing result, but a stable and long-lasting solution to missing teeth.

Treatment:  On average, the implant procedure requires four visits to our dental office.  Recovery time is short.  You should also be able to return to work the day after the implant is installed.

installing the new tooth - step by step

Here is one of several options offered when it comes to dental implants.  In general, implant installation includes:

  • Pre-procedure examinations and x-rays of the area
  • Installation of the implant, a temporary tooth that provides functionality and integrates with the jawbone
  • Final step involves attaching the new crown, the ceramic tooth is permanent

With your new tooth perform your usual dental hygiene routine, keeping tooth and gums well cleaned.  Your implant should function and fit just as any natural tooth.

alternative to ceramic crown on implants

If you don’t opt for the ceramic crown on an implant, then Brookview Dental Clinic can provide several different alternatives including:

Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge: A bridge offers a stable, aesthetic, and functional solution with easy installation.  It involves grinding down adjacent teeth for support of the bridge.  Disadvantages, however, include bone resorption and sacrificing of healthy teeth for the bridge.

Removable Partial Denture: Although not a permanent solution to lost teeth, removable partial dentures do not affect adjacent teeth, are cheap, and are fairly easy and quick to install.  However, this alternative is not as comfortable or aesthetically pleasing as a ceramic crown.

Resin-Bonded Bridge: Resin-bonded bridges are quick to install and provide function and an aesthetic result.  They won’t affect your natural healthy teeth, but the solution isn’t permanent. In a few years, this type of bridge will come off and need reinstalling.


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